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Miscellaneous Information:


     There is NO self registration on this site!     

No Soliciting

"site generating leads for your business....trail offers" emails are soliciting and will be reported as spam and go junk!

We do not generate any income and are NOT a business! Although, you can send me your money for my time dumping your email offers! If you continue we will send YOU an invoice for you to pay us!


If you ARE already registered and forgot your login credentials please use the Forgot username or Forgot password with your email address. If you still can't get in then get in Vent one of us will help you.


1. Please complete this form as fully as possible. Full name required in the "Name" including your player/golfer name in the "Message" in order to start a registration process. If left blank then there will be no reply.


2. You will then be required to log into ventrilo. This is all prior to playing in our tours which will help expedite your registration process. All tours are PRO tees, NO putting assistant, No chipping greens unless blocked, ALL back tees unless stated.


The required sections have a * asterisk. The (optional) sections are to be filled if a "How to Register" inquiry is chosen. If left blank then there will be no reply.


If you haven't heard back from us do check your “junk mail” or “spam” folder. Maybe you didn't submit required informaiton.


No Soliciting!

Thank You